If you suffer from a physical and/or mental condition preventing you from working, you may be eligible for your Social Security Disability or SSI Benefits.  The Social Security Administration is burdened with millions of claims for benefits and there is a 71% chance your claim will be denied, initially.

Having a strong advocate increases your chances of being approved for benefits. What is great about Aaria is you have one very qualified and experienced advocate managing your case from application through appeals.  ​​

  1. Fast processing of your claim file and appeals
  2. Answers to your questions and the process explained along the way
  3. Assistance with completing forms and submitting documents to SSA
  4. ​Effective (aggressive if needed) routine interaction and follow up with SSA to assure cases are processed properly
  5. One advocate through the entire process

We limit our case load to only the strongest cases so that all our clients receive the best attention and assistance. 

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Social Security Disability Claims and Appeals