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Social Security Disability SSDI/SSI Claim​s

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Disability Insurance Claim Denials

More than 70% of SSDI and SSI applications get denied.  If you have an illness or injury that prevents you from working you have a right to your disability benefits.  Having a qualified advocate  increases your chances of winning your case.  NO FEE unless you win! Free Consultation!

Our Service Men and Women should not have to fight for their service connected disability benefits for them or their families. We take much pride in assisting our service members with benefits claims. Free Consultation!

As an Ohio public employee you are promised a benefit if you become unable to perform your job because of a medical condition.  We can navigate the system for you. Free Consultation!

OPERS and STERS Claims

If you have become unable to perform your job, you want to rely on your Long-Term Insurance policy.  If the insurance company denies or stops your benefits we can help.  Free Consultation!

Connecting Families with Assistance and Services

A family member is disabled or elderly and needs services.  Families are often unaware of local services and other assistance programs available to their loved one. We can assist families by connecting them to services and assistance programs for a low flat fee.  Free Consultation!

Medical bills can cripple a household.  We can assist you by working with the medical facility  to find resolutions for outstanding medical bills.  Free Consultation!


Medicare is hard to understand.  We want you to get the most from your benefits.  We offer guidance on Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Supplement Plans, and assistance applying for additional services for Medicare Recipients.  Free Consultation!

Aaria Disability

Veteran's Claims