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Why Aaria?

Aaria is a small client-focused organization.  We take a limited number of cases and only cases we believe to have a good shot at being approved. This means that cases and clients are kept up to date and SSA receives prompt responses to communications.  Clients can speak directly with their advocate.  No call centers or being bounced from one representative to another!  

Cases are processed, monitored, and managed by April L. Roberts, owner of Aaria and experienced Disability Advocate. 

Who is Aaria?

​Aaria is owned and operated by April L Roberts, EJD EDPNA.  Aaria specializes in serving individuals applying for Social Security Disability and Medicare.  Aaria also assists individuals with enrolling in Medicare Supplements/Advantage, and PartD Plans as well as assisting those with Medicare/Medicaid and medical bill issues. 

"I began this work after assisting a family member go through the process of applying for Disability.  During that time I encountered others dealing with the Social Security Administration and its processes.  These process are not perfect and most people do not understand how to navigate the system when applying for benefits or when problems arise with receiving benefits. I knew at that time that I wanted to make a difference and help people with the process.

An added value to my services is that even after the process is complete for the client, he or she is welcome to contact me with questions regarding benefits even if it is years after a case is closed.  From start of a case to finish, the client receives personalized assistance from me throughout the process and beyond."

April L Roberts, EJD EDPNA

Principal of Aaria Disability/Aaria Consulting, LLC

Professional Disability Advocate

Licensed Insurance Agent