You have worked hard as a school employee and deserve your disability benefits if a medical condition prevents you from working.  Contact us for a Free Consultation.

These days many of us are faced with caring for families and aging parents while managing a busy career. We can assist you in aligning care and resources for your aging loved one for a low flat rate.  Contact us for a Free Consultation.

Serving our Community's Disabled and Elderly 


Disability Claims

Whether you are new to Medicare due to a disability or newly retired, or looking for new Medicare products, we can assist!  There is no charge!  Contact us for more Information!

Ohio STERs/SERs Disability Claims


We are proud to assist our Veterans and thwir families with Veteran's benefits claims.  Contact us for a Free Consultation!

Resources For Caregivers

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Social Security Disability


Veteran's benefits claims

If a Physical and/or mental condition prevents you from working, you have a right to your SSDI benefit. Contact us for a Free Consultation.

Our state workers give there all to keep us safe and ensure services are working for all Ohioans on a daily basis.  If a medical conditions prevents you from working, we are proud to assist you with your disability claim.  Contact us for a Free Consultation!